I won’t Employ Any Lawyer Without These Qualities-Says These Lawyers

I won’t Employ Any Lawyer Without These Qualities-Says These Lawyers

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What qualities do you think employers look out

What qualities do you think employers look out for when they are in search of legal talents? There has to be certain qualities that are of great priority to employers when recruiting legal talents.

Admittedly, the needs and peculiarity of different areas of law practice would demand the need for different kinds of qualities that employers will be on the look-out for. But nevertheless. I’m of the opinion that there are still qualities that will likely feature on the priority list of any legal employer no matter their niche. No doubt, there will be different opinion on this as proven by the responses I got from these three lawyers I asked the question. Let me share with you the responses they gave to me.

If I’m to employ a young lawyer today, the two qualities that will be of most priority to me, especially as it relates to a small boutique firm and my area of practice(which is patent law), would be adaptability and intelligence. This young lawyer recently finished his studying at law university and probably used law essay writing service for improving his results.

The reason why I would give the quality of adaptability a preference

The reason why I would give the quality of adaptability a preference is because in a small firm, you need to be able to handle various tasks and interact with various types of clients ranging from big companies, small and medium scale enterprises.

Due to this variety of clients you will be dealing with, you cannot afford to behave in the same manner with a major corporation as you will do with an SME.

When dealing with these varieties of organisations for instance, you won’t have access to the same people. In a big corporation, you can be able to access the IP manager or someone from the legal department who knows as much as you do, while in an SME, you are more likely to only interact with the CEO, who in most cases, doesn’t know much about the law, but nevertheless, has major issues that need to be handled.

A young lawyer has to be able to adapt to the people he meets and understand the various needs that are peculiar to different types of clients.

Legal work and clients

The legal work and what clients are looking for are very different from one situation to another. This is probably not so true in big law firms where young lawyer won’t have lots of different types of clients to deal with. This is one of the reasons I prefer hiring a young lawyer coming from a small law firm, even if it is an unknown firm, than someone coming from a big and famous law firm, with a good resume, but who probably have not have been facing many different situations during his work in a big law firm.

I believe many young attorneys are doing great with paper work, but unfortunately, they are not doing so with business development; and this is because they are unable to adapt to different situations and needs.

The second quality I will look out for while employing a young lawyer is Intelligence. This is because the world is changing so fast and the rules are no longer what they used to be.

A young lawyer needs to be smart enough to understand these changes and to imagine what the law firm of tomorrow will look like and position himself to fit into it.

Intelligence is also very important because when dealing with patent, as in my own case, you deal with various different technical fields, and a young attorney needs to be able to cover various fields, no matter his initial major. Besides, he will be happy in his work only if he is smart enough to understand what the client explains in his own words. All this applies in my opinion for young attorneys, but also to all attorneys, no matter how many years they have been practicing.

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