5 Things You Should be Enjoying as A Law Student

5 Things You Should be Enjoying as A Law Student

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“I am a Law Student” I said.

“Oh! No wonder” She replied.

I have received this response too often over the past five years since I started studying law. This response bothered me initially but not until I began using it to my benefit by understanding the miracles that could happen by just saying- “I am a Law Student”.

Beside the big books and the avalanche of cases which I have to read as a Law Student, the title- “Law student”, if you choose to call it so, has also created a new euphoria and some benefits for me.

Let me quickly expose you to five benefits you can derive from being a Law student. Here they are-

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Nice reception: I have always received positive response from any office which I choose to visit since I became a “Law Student”. Be it the office of a Political office holder, business tycoon, Lawyers, etc. You can never turn me away. What is the magic? Simple! I begin my conversation with the expression- “I am a Law Student…”

Respect: Being a Law Student also comes with some form of special treatment and respect not just from your friends but sometimes even your parents. Everyone wants to get you on their side whenever there is an argument. They always want to hear your opinion on any controversial issue.

Cash: You heard me right. Cash or money; whichever you feel comfortable calling it. You can make some cool cash as a Law Student. (We will discuss how to make money as a Law student in a subsequent post).

Character: Believe me; my character has changed since I began my legal studies. There is this feeling I can’t explain and this consciousness that envelopes me whenever I am in the midst of “unlearned” persons, I am still “learning” though. I no longer argue too much or too loudly in social gatherings. I just stay calm. Definitely, they will later seek my opinion on such issues (remember benefit 2 above).

Friends: This is an added advantage for being a Law student. More persons want to be your friend because in their view, you are now a “learned” man. This includes female friends too. Girls always want to listen to whatever you have to say. My friend, Terry, will always say- “I paid for these girls as part of my school fees”.

So when next you want to introduce yourself to anyone; don’t just say- “I am a Student”, rather say- “I am a Law Student”; because magic do happen when you say that!

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